Our Passion

Our passion is three-fold:

  • Our Relationship With God
  • Spreading The Message Of Love
  • The Poor And Underprivileged

Our Relationship With God

Saint Emilie wrote:

“The essential thing is to keep oneself united to God.”

She also knew that prayer could be difficult and encouraged her Sisters to keep on working at their relationship with God even when it seemed pointless. She often reminded them that God was with them in every situation in life.

“God speaks to his friends whenever he wants, all times and places are suitable for prayer.  In the garden as much as in the Church, you can pray, you can unite yourself with him and hear his voice.”
— Saint Emilie

Today the Holy Family Sisters recognise that our relationship with God in prayer is fundamental for our life.  Without prayer we will accomplish nothing.  Each day we take time to build our relationship with God and each day in community we bring before God the needs and hopes of our brothers and sisters throughout the world.

Spreading The Message Of Love

As followers of Jesus of Nazareth in the various countries in which we are missioned, we are sent to testify that His mission of Love and Forgiveness is being continued in the world. Every human being, every human reality is an invitation to discover the signs of God’s encounters with us in time.

We are to radiate the love and tenderness of Jesus to our fellow human beings especially to those on the margins of society.

We believe that everything that happens and everyone we meet, and especially the poor, continually challenge us to conversion to a love which is stronger than death and to a hope founded on God alone.

Our communities try to evangelise by our witness to justice, to reconciliation and by our concern to bring about the communion which allows for differences.

Our Consecration takes place within the Church, which is the People of God, living and celebrating its faith and offering the Gospel to everyone. We, therefore, want to make ourselves free to respond to the calls of the Church and the needs of our time.

The Poor And Underprivileged

St. Emilie reminded us over and over again that in establishing the Congregation of the Holy Family, her only aim was to provide an education for the children of the poor and needy.  She constantly looked around her to see where God was calling her to minister with love and compassion.   This led her to care for prisoners, orphans, prostitutes and many others who were on the margins of society and in need of love and protection.

Following in St. Emilie’s footsteps today we direct our missionary focus to where the need is greatest in our time. We, like her, are encouraged to read the signs of the times and see where God is calling us today. We try to be with those whom society rejects, to pay heed to the vulnerable and voiceless and also to assist in building up the faith in our local Parish Communities encouraging others to see the needs of those around them.