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Our Spirituality

We aim to model our lives on the Holy Family of Nazareth: Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

To live out the mystery of Nazareth in the reality of our world today is the vocation to which St. Emilie, our foundress invites us.

What do we mean by the mystery of Nazareth?

This mystery is seen in the life of Jesus who for thirty years at Nazareth lived an ordinary life in the company of Mary and Joseph. There, he increased in wisdom and in stature, in favour with God and the people around him.

By emptying himself and becoming as we are, Jesus identified Himself with us and especially with people without status. He embodies the tenderness, fidelity and mercy of God.

In His closeness to the lowly and the humble, He helps them to discover their true dignity as sons and daughters of his Father and theirs.

During His life at Nazareth, Jesus was already giving Himself for our salvation and this led Him through the Cross to the Resurrection.

In this mystery dawns a great hope capable of reaching every heart.

As Sisters of the Holy Family, we are determined to make our lives a continuation of this mystery off Incarnate Love – the mystery of God among us.

Called by the Lord, we pledge ourselves to follow Jesus of Nazareth.

Union with one another in community helps us to live the consecrated life of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience, and to strive together, in the world, to be witnesses of the love and communion between God and his people.

In a world which is harsh towards the weak and the lowly, we must give priority to the poor in our choice of apostolic works.

The contemplation of Jesus gives us a thirst for personal and community prayer and for union with God, which are at the very heart of our mission.

Humility, Poverty, Compassion, “a boundless confidence in God and above all great love.” These sentiments which characterised the mind of Jesus, should be seen in us as clearly as they were in the life of our Foundress, Saint Emilie.

Prayer Request

If you would like us to pray for you, please contact us.