Sharing Our Vision

Do you long for a more meaningful life?

  • Are there times when you feel lost and misunderstood?
  • Have you ever felt that nobody values you as an individual?
  • Do you ever get frustrated because you feel that you want a more useful life, a more satisfying one?
  • Are you looking for something important to do in your life?  Or someone who will give you love without end and the sense of being always wanted and needed as an individual?

Maybe you can find what you want out of life where you least expect it.

Maybe you can find happiness and a sense of purpose by a life of CARING and by sharing in the vision of the Holy Family Sisters.

You could perhaps live, pray and work in a small group of women, who found a life of happiness and purpose when they became Sisters of the Holy Family of St. Emilie de Rodat.

And you will certainly find endless love and reward in following the call of Jesus Christ, giving your life, your heart and all your talents to Him and then to those who desperately need you.

You may want to discuss this possibility further.  If so please contact us.

  • Becoming a
    Holy Family Sister
  • Becoming a
    Lay Holy Family Member
  • Becoming a
    Friend of the Holy Family

Becoming a Holy Family Sister


The first stage of Religious life is a time of acquaintance and getting to know us a little better.   We often refer to this period as the candidacy.  It is a stage that is very flexible but it is usually kept to between 3 months – a year.


The postulancy – is an informal period of initiation into a new form of life and provides an opportunity to reflect more deeply on God’s call. The purpose is to allow the Postulant to get to know the community and vice versa.

It is a time to receive the human and Christian formation necessary for entry into the Noviciate. The duration is usually one year with the possibility of shortening it to six months or prolonging it up to two years, according to the needs of the individual.


This is a very special time for a religious.  It is a period of initiation into the apostolic life of the Congregation. Because she is called to be a witness to Christ in an active life, the novice must learn gradually to bring about a unity between love of God and neighbour, between contemplation and action.

Living in community with other sisters and sharing in the prayer life of the community with periods devoted to solitude and to specific apostolic activities enables the Novice to consider whether she is made for such a life.   It should lead her to centre her life on Jesus Christ in the view to giving herself to him and to his people in love and service for ever.

The Noviciate of the Holy Family Sisters lasts a minimum of two years and at the end of this period of formation the Novice makes her first commitment professing her vows of poverty chastity and obedience for three years.  This is an occasion of great joy for us and for the Church.


This period is a stage in preparation for Final Profession.  It allows the person to grow in her understanding and commitment to the vowed life and includes experience of mission, community living and professional studies.  It lasts for a minimum of five years at the end of which comes Final Profession.  This commitment is an act of total surrender of one’s whole being to God in Jesus Christ; it is made in the Congregation for the service of the Church.

Becoming a Lay Holy Family Member

As baptised persons, we Lay Holy Family, are called to live in accordance with Gospel values and to remain open to the Good News, so as to be witnesses to Jesus of Nazareth, in our everyday living.

We respond to God’s call by following in the footsteps of Saint Emilie de Rodat whose spirituality was founded on the Holy Family of Nazareth.

We want to make our lives a continuation of this mystery of the Incarnation:
By striving to reveal the face of a God of tenderness, of fidelity, of mercy, close to the lowly and the humble.

As Lay Holy Family “we wish to “make our lives a continuation of the mystery of Incarnate Love” and to reveal to the world in which we live “the face of a God of tenderness and compassion close to the meek and humble.”

At the heart of the society in which we live, we wish to witness to a life of humility, patience, simplicity, joy in the monotony of daily routine.

We desire to live our lives in abandonment to Divine Providence sure that God is at work and journeys with us. 

Prayer is vital for a lay person. We cannot live without prayer.  It is our personal nourishment, our manner of speaking and of communicating with God in union with the whole Church.

It is the source of life so it is good to spend time praying.

Prayer in daily life allows God to work in us. It brings calm, balance and interior peace into the reality of our daily life influencing our family, social and professional life. It also leads us to forgive and even to love our enemies.

A Lay Holy Family member takes the means to nourish his/her Spiritual life on a personal and group level by:

  • time for personal prayer each day
  • rereading of life in the light of Christ – making a link between prayer and life.
  • celebration of the Eucharist and other sacraments
  • regular reading of Scripture and St. Emilie’s writings
  • sharing God’s word (in family when it is possible)
  • Biblical formation
  • Time for personal prayer at each reunion
  • Taking time to discover different ways of praying

It is important that we fix our gaze on Christ in order to discover our mission and live it out wherever we are as St. Emilie did.



  • must be a Christian, baptised
  • be over 18 years of age
  • desire and know and deepen the spirituality of St. Emilie
  • be prepared to assume the demands of a life in a group.


  • regular and active presence in the group
  • availability to render service in the group
  • final commitment if desired is  in agreement with the persons accompanying and in charge of the group.

Becoming a Friend of the Holy Family

Becoming a Friend of the Holy Family means to join in the spirituality of the Sisters of the Holy Family allowing it to bring joy and purpose to one’s everyday life. It is to unite with the Sisters in following Jesus of Nazareth by revealing the tender compassion of God to all those we encounter.

We do this by:

  • receiving encouragement and support for growth in the knowledge of the Good News
  • feeling a sense of belonging  to a wider ‘family’
  • experiencing the companionship of being on a journey together
  • having an opportunity to share struggles, hopes and fears
  • above all, following the person of Jesus and knowing we are deeply loved.